Monday, July 18, 2011

Send Hasan Ali behind bars: Ramdev tells govt

New Delhi, February 05: Yoga Guru Ramdev today asked the government that why is it not taking a stern action against the stud farm owner, Hasan Ali, whose alleged black money is stashed in Swiss banks.

''Why the government is not sending him behind the bars? Is it because his money consists of some share belonging to the government itself?'' he alleged during a press conference here.

The spiritual guru, who had launched his political party Bharat Swabhiman to clean up politics in the country, said when a common man commits tax evasion of even a lakh of rupees, immediate strict action is taken against him.

''Why is Hasan Ali not forming the part of the same league of criminals?'' he asked.

He claimed that the government keeps probing and tries to find out source of livelihood of only good people. ''Scores of enquiries were ordered on me and they are still going on. What is the use?'' he said.

Reportedly, Switzerland's Federal Office of Justice (FoJ) had told Indian authorities in August 2010 to complete their request for help in this case since 2007.

On January 30, it reiterated that the request has not been completed so far.

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