Friday, June 18, 2010

Become a star online!

New Delhi, Jun 11 (UNI) Gone are the days when an upcoming writer, director or actor had to wait and go door to door to vouch for his or her talent as the ticket to fame is now just a click away.

Indian social networking portal,, in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki, has come up with a new concept, iSerial Star, inviting writers, directors or actors to come online and showcase their respective talents to get selected for the country's first online serial.

''In this talent hunt game, the aspirants have to upload a video showcasing their respective talent on their own profile page. Once uploaded, the ibibo community will then vote for the person, making him or her popular,'' a company's spokesperson said today.

The participants can upload the videos made through their mobile phones also, he added.

At the end, the participants who will be able to garner the maximum number of votes would be chosen for the online serial.

''A total of eight actors, two script writers and two directors will be chosen for the 24-episode-show. They will be making the serial under the supervision of country's two well-known directors,'' the spokesperson said.

Raman Kumar of the serial 'Tara' fame and Khalid Hashmi, the man who played a pivotal role in the launch of 'Zee News', have joined hands to bring forth this serial which is likely to go online this August.

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