Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not just cooking!

Apply science for a better living including good food and nutrition, clothes, hygiene, consistent development, communication and good community living. Home management is only a small component of the discipline.

HOME Science is the application of science to bring home and family life in sync with changing surroundings, and even today the programme is only open to women. Projects in each subject and lab practical are a regular feature in the academic life of Home Science graduate

“Some needed lots of effort - like identifying a child labourer in our locality and developing his or her profile,” says Ritikaa who passed out of Institute of Home Economics. She also says, it is not just about cooking, which is a common misconception. She is currently pursuing Master’s in Psychology and working as a special educator and counsellor at a school.

Scientific techniques are taught to cope up with day-to-day problems and field project works are done to learn their application. The course helps in overall personality development of the person.

In case of BSc (Home Science), a student gets a chance to choose his or her specialization in the third year. For example, Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) offers a BSc, MSc and diploma programmes in Nutrition and Dietetics. “Our programmes specialize a student directly in the food and nutrition field. Lifestyle diseases are on an increase and people are getting more conscious about their dietary habits. So, the subject is gaining importance,” said MRIU’s Dean Dr. G L Khanna.

Home Science graduates can opt for an array of career options in food sciences, sport academies as personal consultants and even MNCs hire them for the wellbeing of their employees. Nutritionists and dieticians also have openings as researchers in natural food making companies like Dabur. The salary structure for an undergraduate starts between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 20,000. If they pursue postgraduation then they can earn even Rs. 40,000. And for those with experience, the package will increase manifold.

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