Thursday, July 15, 2010

Twist in the wrist: Gavaskar's wrist surprises Gadkari

Jhinjholi, Haryana, Jul 10 (UNI) BJP president Nitin Gadkari's misconception that men with small wrists could not play cricket went for a toss when he met India's record-setting batsman Sunil Gavaskar.

Sharing his experiences from his heydays with party workers here, Mr Gadkari recollected his first meeting with the former Indian captain. ''When I first saw Gavaskar, I was surprised to see his wrist. How could a man with such a small wrist become such a great batsman?'' he said with a touch of incredulity.

The BJP leader confessed that till then he had believed that only those with sturdy wrists could bat well, the reason for his fascination with West Indian players.

However, his misconception was cleared when the little master explained to him confidently that it was all a game of skill. ''Gavaskar told me that he had been trained in batting, so was able to play that well. When you know your job, the game is won automatically,'' he said.

Mr Gadkari cited this incident to illustrate to party workers the importance of training for success in any field -- be it cricket or politics.

He was addressing a gathering at the party's ongoing training camp organised to make them well-versed in the BJP ideology, conduct and to imbibe the feeling of nationalism to become a dedicated politician.

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