Sunday, April 25, 2010

Congress-led UPA more interested in IPL than BPL: BJP

New Delhi, Apr 21 (UNI) Continuing its tirade against the murky IPL dealings, the BJP today criticised the Congress-led UPA government for ''being more interested in Cricket than the problems of commons''.

''The Congress-led UPA is more worried about IPL than BPL (Below Poverty Line). Their ministers are more interested in looking after Cricket than working for the uplift of poor in the country,'' Former BJP president Rajnath Singh said while
addressing a huge gathering of people at Ramlila Ground here.

The government has become ''Incompetent Political League'', he added.

Former Union Human Resource Minister Murli Manohar Joshi also took the government to task on the issue of involvement of its leaders in the IPL.

''The leaders of the UPA government are busy in the game instead of necessary things which have direct relation with the lives of people,'' Mr Joshi said.

The BJP president further said he had posed 14 questions to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on price rise but the ruling party failed to come up even with a single reply.

Referring to the UPA's claims that it has always worked for the poor, NDA Chairman Advani alleged that the party has always taken care of the rich class.

''There are only declarations and assurances for the poor while the benefits are only for the rich,'' he said.

Prices of essential commodities had risen between 100 and 200 per cent since the UPA first took office six years back, he added and alleged that this has happened because of Congress' bad management and corruption.

Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj lamented the government for always giving three reasons for price rise -- natural calamity, global recession and increased support price of food grains.

''Price rise is not an outcome of any natural calamity, it is the outcome of the wrong policies of the government,'' she said.

Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley alleged that the Congress Government has always been incapable of taking care of country's people.

''Be it countering terrorism or ensuring security or tackling price rise, the Congress has always been a failure due to flaws in its policies,'' he said.

Recalling NDA's regime, former BJP president Rajnath Singh claimed that such a situation of economic crisis had appeared in 2001 also when NDA was in power and it had come out with certain preventive measures and was able to implement them successfully.

''Why BJP-led NDA is able to control inflation while Congress-led UPA cannot even when the people are same, land is same and products are same?'' he asked.

Mr Singh also pointed out that thousands of tonnes of food grains were lying in the Government store houses and alleged that it all has been stored to give to the liquor manufacturers.

Another former party president Venkaiah Naidu expressed concern that after the current Parliament session would be over, the prices of petrol and diesel would rise further.

''We are here to awaken the government from its slumber,'' he said.

''The government has to answer why is it sleeping when people are weeping and why is it silent when the prices are violent,'' he added.

The party members and activists later marched towards Parliament.


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