Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Students dismal by foreign publishers at World Book Fair

New Delhi, Feb 7 (UNI) Foreign publishers at the 19th New Delhi World Book Fair might have found a place in Indian market by only displaying the books at their pavilions, but this has led to downheartedness of many young buyers.

Many students, aspiring to pursue higher studies in foreign nations, had to return disheartened from the foreign publishers' pavilion during the fair as they could not buy and take the required books with them.

''I had been waiting for the fair and was thrilled to find those books which I wanted to read. However, I am not able to buy them as they are only on display,'' Manish Marwah, a student of foreign language, told UNI.

It was bad news not only for those students who read for pleasure, but also who required the books for their higher studies.

''I have to make a research report on German literature. Most of the books which I require are exhibited here. But I cannot take them with me,'' Sarita, pursuing M Phil in German language from Delhi University, said while turning the pages of a German novel at the German pavilion.

She added that although some German books are available with one Indian publisher in the other hall at the fair, they deal with German grammar only, not literature.

Nearly 35 foreign publishers from 18 different countries participated in the fair this time. For most of them, like Moscow, Israel, Germany and France, business opportunities were more important than selling their works to the visitors.

''We are focussing more on exploring the Indian publishing industry. Although promotion of our literature is important, but to find it's place in the Indian market is also necessary,'' a participant from Colombo said.

Realising the student's concern, some publishers had made sitting arrangements inside and around their pavilions also to attract readers.

Nevertheless, the idea could not please many.

''How can you expect me to work on my reports at a fair where there is too much of noise and disturbance! I wish they could have a photocopier machine if not the books on sale,'' Mathew James, another student learning Spanish language, said.

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